Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Welcome to Kawata Dental Inc

Our Dental Office in West Los Angeles

Company Overview

Kawata Dental has been providing dental care to the West Los Angeles area for over 45 years! We have built our practice on the foundation of trust. A majority of our patients as well as our staff have been with us for numerous years. We are compassionate and truly care about your experience as a patient and about your overall health. You can feel secure coming to our office that you will be treated with respect and care. We use digital x-rays and intraoral cameras so that you can be educated about your current dental status and about your options for treatment. You can trust that your best interest is our best interest.

Infection Control

Our practice adheres to the highest standards of infection control in accordance with CDC and OSHA guidelines. We use barrier techniques and many disposable items to eliminate cross contamination and all equipment and instruments are disinfected and sterilized prior to treating each patient. Our sterilization equipment is regularly monitored using a independent testing facility to insure 100% effectiveness, and our team goes through annual training on the latest infection control protocols.

Special Equipment

We strive to stay on the leading edge of dental techniques and technology. In order to do this, we take a great deal of continuing education. We also utilize state of the art equipment in our office. This includes: Low radiation digital radiographs Newest dental chairs designed to maximize comfort Intraoral Cameras used to show patients images of their teeth and treatment and to send to insurance companies to help get claims approved. Large computer monitors in each room for patient education and entertainment Digital Radiographs vs. Film

Digital x-rays are the new standard in dental imaging. Compared to traditional film, digital imaging:

Avoids environmental pollutants encountered with film processing Requires much less radiation Requires NO time to process Allows for instantly communicating images without distortion



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